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BoWhatElse has started a donation pool!
3 / 1,000
Hmm, shall i try to do commisions? or am i too bad for it ><. I don't even really understand what it is o-o..
But i'll really applicate if you donate me some points ;D

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Pokesona by BoWhatElse
So I tried creating my own pokesona, an actual pokesona that represents me a bit.  It's boring, but I am boring so that figures.
I might still change stuff around from time to time.
I had to upload it here once again to drop info down here x) I'll just keep repeating that I'm inactive here and drop my art down here :

Also friendly reminder that this is just a sketch, a more detailed drawing will come later~ well, on tumblr that is x)


Name: Bo
Height: 1.4/4’03”
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Gay
Species: Breloom /Boloom

Desaturated colours ftw. Brownish/orangish colours which might slighly brighten or dim depending on her emotion. Brown rings around the arms, legs and tail. the tail is a brush with a painted tip. Dotted line along her spine, Yellowish nails and bones. She has a gray moon charm around her tail carved out of a meteorite she once found. Sky coloured wings.  Tally marks on her thighs. Sometimes carries art materials in her pouch.

Creative, tries to carve stuff out of nothing, likes to draw. Give her a few items and she's busy for a few hours. Shy to strangers, close with friends, easily gets bonded with someone and tries her best to be kind to them. - overprotective - Get's hurt easily,  Is an asshole to assholes or anyone she doesn't like. Starts fights and discussions pretty quickly. open minded,  wants to be alone a lot, but quickly feels alone too. Doesn't know how to express feelings very well, keeps problems to herself. Even though She's almost awkward at everything, she still is desperate for affection. Often lost in thought and has a stupid sarcastic kind of humor.

Wings --> Fleeing from life responsibilities 
Spikes --> Might be a softy but still has her sharp sides.
Neutral colours --> She's nothing special
Tail/brush --> That she's aiming to be an artist.

So I'll do some pokemon commisions if I have time :dummy:
(Might add more/edit things later)

What I'll draw

Lineart (Can't make them transparant)


Pokemon sketch: 30:points:
Pokemon full: 60:points:   Example
Pokesona/OC Sketch: 50:points:
Pokesona/OC: 80:points:
Lineart pokemon: 40:points:

+20:points: per extra pokemon sketch
+40:points: per extra pokemon
+30:points: per extra pokesona sketch
+60:points: per extra pokesona

Pokesona and pokemon can be together, only you have to pay for the basic pokesona.
Sketches with sketches, normal with normal.

+15:points: for basic colour/or some random movements (you can give a specific colour if you want.) Example
+60:points: for a more detailed one. (Specific ideas are okay too.) Example

Only for normal, not for sketches

Current commisions
- None

- Pay beforehand
- Don't be to rude, critism is welcome. if you really don't like something, just tell me I'll try to edit it.
- It can take some time, I have a busy life too, don't hate me.
  • Listening to: My playlost on yt
  • Reading: Jori fanfics asfg
  • Playing: Pokefarm Q

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Hello :3. Im asking alot of users on DeviantART this, The first one to give me there sketchfu account, Gets a membership from me! (: I really want one, And if you give me one, You get a membership, I will also put in the SF discrip that the account will run under new management and that I am the new owner, I will also link your acc on the discrip if they want to talk to the previous owner. :3.
So, what do you say?! deal! :D?
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